Company : Hankyu-Hanshin-Daiichi Hotel Group
Representative from Hankyu-Hanshin-Daiichi Hotel Group: Hiroshi Iimura, Executive Chef, Tokyo Metropolitan Area Business Division

Homogenization of Quality of Food Products Indispensable to Hotels

Each of the restaurants under our hotel group changes its menu approximately once every three months. I tasted all foods while holding my current position and the position of head chef at both Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo and Dai-Ichi Hotel Annex. However, now I am responsible for judging how food tastes at our various restaurant locations. For example, there are no issues when unique foods are used, as during our “Miyagi and Yamagata Fair*” held last year. However, each chef has different ideas when new foods are introduced from outside sources, so the responsibility is left to them. (* 2017 fair. A fair is planned to be held in fall of 2018 which adds Fukushima to the mix).

I will talk about this time when I thought about using Cells Alive System (CAS) frozen Senrei Scallops that are used at our different restaurants. Selection of a certain type of food product should not occur based on an event such as the “Miyagi and Yamagata Fair.” The first thing we want to think about when selecting a food product that we want to use is its purpose. I decided to use CAS frozen Senrei Scallops irrespective of the event.

For example, let’s look at the fresh scallops procured from Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. They definitely have flavor and are delicious. Honestly speaking, those scallops are a bit hard in their raw state, but we will serve them if they do not change in quality by the time they reach our customers’ mouths. But in the case of hotels, there are also times when scallops are used as hors d’oeuvres for several dozen guests. In that case, preparation of the scallops must begin 30 minutes to one hour before decorating the hors d’oeuvre plates. Since scallops are cut before being soaked, they no longer have the same level of hardness or life-life freshness by the time they are provided to guests. This made me question the meaning of using raw scallops.

The scallops that I used when I worked as a restaurant chef came in the shell. I was able to feel at ease knowing that I was the only one who touched the scallops. In the case of scallops that have their shells removed, I would somehow feel uncomfortable about them being packed because there was no want to know how people involved in the process handled them. In addition to Senrei Scallops being delicious, using CAS frozen food ingredients allows for homogenization of quality, so this is most likely the reason why they are used by different restaurants. Another advantage of using Senrei Scallops is the ability to defrost just the amount you want to use one day in advance.

I invite people to see for themselves why the chefs at each of our restaurants selects this product, what they think about and come up with when presenting dishes using Senrei Scallops, etc.

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