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These are the products to solve the issues of foodservice operations by making easier to use high quality products.

CAS* freezing process make it possible to storage the products for long time without loosing any excellent taste and flavor of high quality of seafood harvested in Sanriku-Onagawa area.
The facility combining a CAS machine and a tunnel freezer, which Senrei was the first company to install in the world, has enabled the mass-production of high quality products, “CAS FRESH”.
*Cells Alive System

Offering the delicacies of the season throughout the year.

Ready-to-use products after thawing which save the preparation time and efforts.

Senrei’s original double tray package can be divided which makes easier to store.


Comments from the Chefs
“I think that many chefs are using CAS frozen materials, because their taste and quality are great and we could unify taste and quality of menus we serve.” “I have used the frozen fish imported from France using the similar technology of CAS freezing in the past. Comparing Senrei CAS FRESH products with them, CAS FRESH products are much better even I could see the improvement of technology.” “The restaurant, like us, needs to keep some inventories of food materials to enable to serve to a large number of the customers in case, and CAS FRESH products are suitable for it. ” “The quality of CAS FRESH is the one of best, so we can serve menus to the customers with a confidence. ” “The double tray packages is good because we could separate them.” “I think CAS FRESH products are perfectly suited to today’s needs.”

What is CAS freezing?

In the case of food that is frozen using an ordinary quick freezer, the flavor and trace elements are lost with moisture as “drips” while defrosting because a certain amount of cell damage is inevitable due to the expansion of the ice crystals. Using CAS prevents such expansion of the ice crystals by using a special technology to vibrate the water molecules, and freezing the food while maintaining a uniform temperature from the surface to the center, so that the fresh taste is retained as-is without damage to the cell tissues.

The report of comparative analysis conducted by the Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute

According to the analysis conducted by the Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute, which is an consulting organization analyzing and digitizing palate, generally, the CAS frozen scallops have a rich flavor than the regular frozen scallops.


This might be happened that because the CAS freezing process minimizes cell damage, therefore the scallops frozen with CAS would not loose not only umami flavor, but also other components. “Senrei CAS FRESH Scallops” are well accepted with their high quality by sushi restaurants, upgrade hotels, and other foodservice operators in Japan and overseas. “Senrei CAS FRESH Pacific Saury Fillets” was launched in 2016, which offer the freshness and excellent flavor same as when they were harvested. By freezing them, we solved the anisakis issue. The products are evaluated highly as safe and easy to adopt in addition to their freshness and excellent taste.