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The products made from fresh seafood harvested in Sanriku coast which can be served with less preparation on-site.

Senrei produces the high usability products using Sanriku’s specialty seafood such as sea squirt, Pacific saury and others as the main ingredients with highly evaluated and reliable skills. The products are widely used by hotels and restaurant chains, etc. Simply thawing to enjoy the fresh taste from the sea.

Product Information of Pacific Saury Paste

Pacific saury paste made from the fatty sauries landed in Onagawa port. Suitable for soups, hot pots and others.

Product Information of Pacific Saury Paste

Steamed Sea Squirts (Frozen)

Fatty sea squirts harvested in the best season are not unshelled and only cleaned inside, then steamed in sake (Japanese rice wine) and frozen on the same day of harvest

They can be eaten s they are as snacks after being thawed, and also can be used for salad, stir-fried noodle and others.

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Simmered Fish Products for Foodservice

Seasonal catches are processed quickly after being landed. These are for the foodservice use of the ready-to-eat product series, “Simmered Fish cooked with Fishmonger’s recipe”, which is well received for their subtle taste. Double-tray package has improved usability of products on-site, since peeling top seal off is only need to use.

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