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The Products Enhanced Features of Seafood Harvested in Sanriku by Putting Additional Process

Okasei brand products have been well received in Onagawa for more than seventy years.

Tsukudani series offer 7 different items which are suitable for gifts and/or using at events. The mild soy-sauce flavor using no preservatives or no chemical seasonings is well received.
Tsukudani series have developed by the specialists of seafood, fishmongers, who know everything about seafood.

Each item is using the different ingredients which are best-matching to the main seafood ingredient. Seafood ingredients are harvested in their season, and they are processed quickly while they are still fresh. Enjoy the textures and flavors originally seafood have, and the variety of flavors including sansho (zanthoxyli fructus), ginger, dried kelp, and others. The products are perfect items as the souvenirs from Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture.