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Professional Grade Products: For foodservice operators – hotels/inns, sushi restaurants, restaurant chains, and owner chefs of any cuisine

Onagawa’s bounty of the sea has been combined with advanced technology and craftsmanship to create this lineup of professional-grade products by Senrei.
While expanding the possibilities of menus and shelf life with frozen ingredients, we will continue to develop products with ease of use in mind.


The series for professional use produced using CAS freezer. All of CAS FRESH series can be eaten raw (sashimi-style) after thawing. These products have gained the trust and earned an excellent reputation among hotels, restaurants, and chefs, both in Japan and overseas.


Other Professional Grade Products

Product Information of Pacific Saury Paste

Pacific saury paste made from the fatty sauries landed in Onagawa port. Suitable for soups, hot pots and others.

Product Information of Pacific Saury Paste

Steamed Sea Squirts (Frozen)

Fatty sea squirts harvested in the best season are not unshelled and only cleaned inside, then steamed in sake (Japanese rice wine) and frozen on the same day of harvest

They can be eaten s they are as snacks after being thawed, and also can be used for salad, stir-fried noodle and others.

Steamed Sea Squirts (Frozen)