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  4. SENREI Frozen Pacific Saury Fillets for Eaten Raw (with skin or skinless)



SENREI Frozen Pacific Saury Fillets for Eaten Raw (with skin or skinless)

Onagawa fishing port is well-known its huge volume of landing of Pacific sauries which have rich taste with their fatty and fleshy meat. Senrei’s specialists on seafood select Pacific sauries in the best condition which are processed into fillets while they are still fresh, and frozen using CAS technology. They are available with skin and skinless.

How to Prepare

Suitable for eating raw, marinating in vinegar, sushi and more whatever you would like to. Since they are already fillets, it is easy to prepare for serving without cutting which saves time and efforts. They are applicable for various type of cuisines including not only Japanese, but also Italian and others.

Main Users

Foodservice Operators, Take-out Meal Shops, Supermarkets and Others

Product Information
Frozen Pacific Saury (for raw consumption)
Net Weight
10 fillets
Storage Temperature
Frozen (Below -18℃)
Shelf Life
1 Year from Production Date
Pacific Sauries Harvested in Miyagi Prefecture

What is CAS freezing?

In the case of food that is frozen using an ordinary quick freezer, the flavor and trace elements are lost with moisture as “drips” while defrosting because a certain amount of cell damage is inevitable due to the expansion of the ice crystals. Using CAS prevents such expansion of the ice crystals by using a special technology to vibrate the water molecules, and freezing the food while maintaining a uniform temperature from the surface to the center, so that the fresh taste is retained as-is without damage to the cell tissues.

All products of “Senrei CAS FRESH” series are excellent quality among the products processed using CAS technology as they are recognized with “CAS FRESH” logo. With the confidence, Senrei offers the high-quality and high-productive products produced using the world’s first combining equipment of CAS technology and tunnel freezer.

The report of comparative analysis conducted by the Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute

According to the analysis conducted by the Taste & Aroma Strategic Research Institute, which is an consulting organization analyzing and digitizing palate, generally, the CAS frozen scallops have a rich flavor than the regular frozen scallops.