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  4. Pacific Saury Paste for Foodservice (seasoned/unseasoned) 1 kg

Other Foodservice Products

Other Foodservice Products

Pacific Saury Paste for Foodservice (seasoned/unseasoned) 1 kg

Fresh Pacific saury landed in Onagawa port are processed into fillets first, then pasted. Both seasoned paste and unseasoned paste are available.
The unseasoned paste has nothing added as 100% of Pacific sauries only. Chefs can arrange as they want.
The seasoned paste is made with Senrei’s original recipe, and has seasoning and vegetables. Nothing need to add as it is the ready-to-cook product.

How to Prepare

Suitable for making fish balls for soups and hop pots, and also fish burger, and more.

Main Users

Foodservice operators, delicatessen/prepared food sections of retail stores